June 2020

In all Namibian schools it’s compulsory to wear a school uniform. These uniforms differ from school to school. At the beginning of this schoolyear Omaruru Primary School changed its school uniform and all of the girls needed to get a new one which had to be sewn…..After many fittings you can see the result on the pictures.

Also in Namibia life changed fundamentally due to Covid 19. After the first case occured on 16th of March all schools were closed respectively winter holidays were advanced. All children had to go back to their families. On 28th of March a national lockdown was proclaimed which included travel restrictions and was extended to the 5th of May. Officially schools re-opened on the 20th of April – but this only means that teachers had to prepare a programm for „e-learning“ and „distance learning“. On the 5th of May Namibia entered the 2nd phase of Lockdown; this mainly means the cancellation of travel restrictions inland and the permission to re-open different businesses. Schools remain closed and students should study by distance learning. As there is a great financial pressure in many families due to the loss of income and the conditions for regular lessons are not always given, we offered to admit the children in need and to teach them here. Half of the children are now back in Siama….. 

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November 2020

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