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September 2019

During winterterm the risk of outbreaking illnesses is higher than in the rest of the year. This time it was a mumps epidemic that struck the schools in Omaruru and also several of the Siama girls fell ill. In this context a big thank you goes to the organisation „Hilfsgruppe Eifel“ that is taking in charge the medical expenses for the children since many years.

After the winter holiday the 10 best of each grade got an award from school. This is a remarkable achievement as the class sizes are about 35 pupils and the children who got such a certificate can be proud of themselves. Well done!

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June 2019

After years of intensive use the old trampolin literally collapsed. Now we bought a new one and the children are bouncing very excitedly again….

This summer was a very warm and dry one and therefore it happened sometimes on a very hot afternoon that there was delicious icecream for everyone….

One of the last weekends before the winter holiday the local riding club organised a „Children’s Fun Day“ and the girls of Siama participated full of enthusiasm….

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January 2019

At the end of every schoolyear there is a pricegiving ceremony at school. Students with excellent results are getting diplomas as well as pupils who made a special effort in a certain subject. Among the lucky ones there were also some girls from Siama who got a diploma and a small gift. Well done!

Shortly before the year’s end exams the school organized a „Day of Cultures“. The children could come to school wearing their traditionnal costumes, tribal dances were performed and traditionnal dishes were prepared and offered.

This year the Christmas Party for Siama took place at the „Kashana Restaurant“. On the menu were cheese- and hamburger with chips and as dessert a yummy icecream. Thanks to Renee and Albert who made this possible! After enjoying the summer holiday we now started a new schoolyear….

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