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August 2018

This year Namibia abolished wintertime and to spare the children the schoolway in the dark, school did only start at 7.30 a.m. this term. Yet it’s still very cold in the morning after african winternights and the sun isn’t strong enough to heat up the houses during daytime. It’s the time of the year the children often fall in and we want to thank the organisation „Hilfsgruppe Eifel“ which is taking in charge the costs for the doctor and the medicaments since many years.

Winterterm is always the quietest of the schoolyear and the main extramural activity is exercising and playing netball. There are also competitions taking place between the different schools in Omaruru.

As you can see on the pictures the girls have their individual way to exercise…..

Mid of August the schools closed for spring holiday. The girls will come back beginning of September to start the last term full of energy.

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May 2018

Mid of January the girls returned very rested from their summer holidays, several of them much taller than before. A big surprise was waiting for them: a new swimmingpool! Luckily the rain season only started late this year so the pool could be inaugurated properly. In the meantime temperatures did fall, especially at night, and we had to put a cover over it to make it winterproofed. But at the beginning of the last term of this schoolyear which is starting in September, the swimmingseason will start again and everyone is looking forward to it!

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