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August 2016

Winter is coming to its end and there is a rise in temperature. After a short spring break the children are starting the last term of this schoolyear. Unfortunately the water situation in the country hasn’t improved;in Omaruru municipality water is only available for five and a half hours per day. So we put all our hopes in the coming little rain season…..

In July the girls could follow computer lessons at Siama. Some of them refreshed and increased their knowledge about PCs; the younger ones had their first contact with this medium. Big thanks to Namibia ProKind who sponsored these workshops.

Thanks to other generous donations we could buy a cosy lounge suit for the playroom where the girls can read books or watch DVDs on the weekends.

Beginning of August we’ve got visit from the Foundation: Betty and Els made all the way from the Netherlands to Namibia to come to Siama. The girls were really spoiled because they took them to visit a living museum in the Erongo mountains where San people (bushmen) show their traditionnal way of life. After that they had lunch at a Lodge and the next day we all went together to eat Pizza and icecream. We all spent a nice time together!

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June 2016

We started this year with a new second hand bus for the transport of the girls, especially to school, and we were lucky to find a really nice one! Thanks to all the supporters of Siama who made this purchase possible!


We also welcome a new girl going to Grade 0 which is the preschool class preparing to the entry to Primary School. Despite her low age, Jasmin quickly settled in Siama.

This rain season did not really bring the urgently needed rainfalls and the regions of Southern Africa are suffering a disastrous drought. As we realized that the soil in our vegetable garden would have to be exchanged after all those years we were using it, we decided not to grow vegetables for the moment and to wait the next rain season before we go on with it.

Our neighbour is a commercial vegetable farmer so we still can purchase vegetables and fruit to a reasonnable price.

Various donations to Namibia ProKind enabled us to buy new matrasses and a new solar oven (the old one was nine years and slowly started to fall apart!).

At the beginning of June one young Godfather came to visit us at Siama and took the girls to a Game Drive. It was big fun for everyone although the meeting with wild animals was a little bit creepy for the children.

Now we are looking forward to a short african winter which can still be very cold at night. The biggest problem is the difference of day and night temperatures that involves a certain risk to catch a cold.

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January 2016

SIAMA Children NamibiaSIAMA Children Namibia







After a very long winter in 2015 we finally started last month with the opening of the ‘bathing season’ and the girls were very excited that the pool could be used again.

SIAMA Children NamibiaSIAMA Children Namibia







In September the annual artists track took place in Omaruru and like every year our kids were doing again this year along with the workshops, went to exhibitions and watched performances.

Shortly before the school closed for the summer holidays we organized our Christmas party sponsored by Renée and Albert from Luxembourg. We went for a Pizza and Ice Cream and then swim in the pool. The donation was so great that we were able to buy a gift for all the children: a trampoline that they saw when they came back from the first new school. And it is really successful because there is always a girl on the trampoline.

SIAMA Children NamibiaSIAMA Children NamibiaSIAMA Children Namibia

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