January 2016

SIAMA Children NamibiaSIAMA Children Namibia







After a very long winter in 2015 we finally started last month with the opening of the ‘bathing season’ and the girls were very excited that the pool could be used again.

SIAMA Children NamibiaSIAMA Children Namibia







In September the annual artists track took place in Omaruru and like every year our kids were doing again this year along with the workshops, went to exhibitions and watched performances.

Shortly before the school closed for the summer holidays we organized our Christmas party sponsored by Renée and Albert from Luxembourg. We went for a Pizza and Ice Cream and then swim in the pool. The donation was so great that we were able to buy a gift for all the children: a trampoline that they saw when they came back from the first new school. And it is really successful because there is always a girl on the trampoline.

SIAMA Children NamibiaSIAMA Children NamibiaSIAMA Children Namibia

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